Our mission is to provide education and useful knowledge to the public concerning the CBD product that is so beneficial to multiple health concerns. Having this information will allow the purchase of high quality, high percentage CBD Oil that will produce the desired results.

At CBD Distributors we obtain the certificate of analysis (COA), and verify the producer uses a reputable third party testing facility to verify the pureness of the product our customers will purchase. A vital component is that the Hemp is grown on a farm inside the USA, guaranteeing the highest quality product due to strict farming guidelines. At CBD Distributors we sale only professional grade CBD Oil and products. Get the facts, know the facts, and have a great outcome with CBD.

Doctor of Pharmacy

David Elefterion

David Elefterion has been a Doctor of Pharmacy for over eleven years now, and is a business partner in CBD Distributors, Apex Pharmacy, and sole owner of Elefterion Enterprises.

CBD Co Owner

Jeff Brooks

Jeff Brooks is a part owner of CBD Distributors, Apex Pharmacy, and sole owner of JB Consulting with over thirty years in the management and operation of various medical entities.